ISM atvira paskaita apie intelektinę nuosavybę (“Intellectual property as a tool of business strategy")

Pradžia: 2012-11-13 18:00
Pabaiga: 2012-11-13 20:00
Arklių g. 18

ISM Vadybos ir ekonomikos universitetas kartu su Amerikos ambasada kviečia visus dalyvauti atviroje paskaitoje „Intellectual property as a tool of business strategy" (renginys vyks anglų kalba), paskaitą ves Ellen Hollcroft.

During this lecture you will:
- learn about various types of Intellectual Property;
- learn how Intellectual Property can be used to develop and protect a business over its lifetime;
- learn strategies for licensing, marketing, use for obtaining venture capital, and sale of Intellectual Property.

About the lecturer:

Ms. Ellen Hollcroft works at AXIS INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL.
Freelance position while considering permanent positions and career direction. Consulting with local and foreign clients with respect to research and development, capitalizing on intellectual property, licensing, etc. Involves patentability searches, freedom to operate, infringement analysis, client education and the like. Performing ancillary patent prosecution including responses to Office Actions in the U.S. and Singapore, instruction to foreign associates regarding the same. Development of assignment documents and agreements, contract analysis, and other indirect patent and claim analysis.

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